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Local Prenatal & Mom Yoga

Local Prenatal & Mom Yoga

Ma Yoga® for Pregnancy, Motherhood and Beyond is a strengthening, alignment-based, super fun method of yoga for moms and moms-to-be. We have over 10 locations in Los Angeles, South Bay and Orange County.

The word “Ma” in almost all lanuages refers to “mother”: the most loving energy we know.  In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, “Ma” also means highest, most powerful and wise, like “Ma goddess, Kali.”  Ma Yoga gives us a chance to access our greatest possibilities.

If you’re in Los Angeles, South Bay, or Orange County, please join us for a prenatal yoga or mom + baby yoga class! Just go to www.MaYoga.com and up to “Classes” to see Locations, Schedules, and How to Book Your First Free Class.

If not, you can email me to set up a Skype session or join us at our online studio, Ma Yoga Living!