For Pregnancy

Have an extraordinary pregnancy.

My body hurts, I’m super stressed, and I’m worried about whether I can handle this.

Does any of this sound like you? If so, help is here.

And, there’s so much more than getting out of pain, finding a sense of calm, and being supported by a community of mamas and experts.

There’s this: pregnancy is an opportunity to finally become our best Self.

There’s never been a better time.
yoga for pregnancy

The Ma Yoga® Pregnancy Program will help you become the “Ma” you want to be.

 With the Ma Yoga Pregnancy Program, you’ll get:

Prenatal Yoga

Step-by-step instruction to make space for baby, relieve aches and pains and strengthen the right muscles for carrying baby, inside and out.


Feel confident and knowledgable so you can make the right choices for you and you family.


Be part of the conversation of how we can use this time to become the “Ma” you want to be.


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