For Teachers

Your innate flow of power, wisdom, and nurturing energy awaits.

Hi I’m Jessica.

If you’re a yoga teacher and you get a little bit nervous with pregnant women in your class, no worries – that’s normal. After all, most of us only get a few hours of training in our 200-hour.

I love helping teachers feel confident and calm offering guidance, support and inspiration to moms-to-be.

Come by and learn about our online and in-person trainings, and while you’re there, grab your free ebook, The Yoga of Pregnancy for Teachers: Do’s and Don’ts.

When we use birth as our guru, we can learn so much about yoga, the body, and how to co-create the possibilities gestating within us.

Whether you want to teach prenatal yoga, or you just want to know more about how yoga can and must change during this tranformative time, I hope you’ll join our Ma Yoga Living tribe!

Whether you’re pregnant with a baby, ideas, or a new vision for your life, Ma Yoga will help you become a powerful co-creator.

Join us for a training or grab your free book!