Aches & Pains

Are you in pain
or discomfort?

Discover small shifts that will make a life-changing difference.

If you have:

  • back pain

  • wrist pain

  • shoulder and neck pain

    a quick alignment practice can help you have a body that has stability and freedom.

    jessica jennings ma yoga living founder
    My neck had hurt for years. Finally, a friend of mine was tired of my complaints and insisted I try yoga. I really wasn’t a yoga person – I was a smoker, and I didn’t like to eat healthy food, and it sounded boring.

    Within a couple weeks of twice a week of moving and breathing as my teacher directed, my pain was gone.

    And thus began my 20 years search for the answer to this question:

    Why does yoga work so well? 

    I got my Masters in Exercise Science, became a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, and helped thousands of people out of their aches and pains before I would confidently say I had learned the answer.

    Musculoskeletal pain is not a mystery. Itis caused by misalignment – that is, our muscles and bones are not organized optimally on a biomechanicaly level.

    The good news? Moving our muscles and bones in the direction of optimal alignment brings us relief.

    Yes, whether you’ve had your vertebrae fused, you have scoliosis, or your x-rays show that the nerve is impinged – yes, even you.

    The more time we spend in alignment – strengthening the muscles that keep us there, and opening muscles that pull us out – the less time we spend in pain.

There are two ways to work with me:

 The 5 Minutes to a Happy Back Program

A six session, self-paced online course where I take you step-by-step through everything you need to know about alignment:

  • What it means
  • How to get there
  • “Rescue Poses” for when you’re really in pain
  • A super simple 5-minute daily practice anyone can memorize that will help get you out of pain and stay out

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One-on-One Session

Set up a Skype session with me! You will leave with a video of a customized practice design to fit your body, your life, and your schedule. Your alignment-based practice will help you feel better, teach you how to get yourself out of pain, and get you on the path to changing your body. Email me at Jess@MaYogaLiving.com

Ever since yoga got me out of pain – and I figured out how – I’ve wanted to be able to share it with all the people who have a hard time sitting; driving; sleeping; and living. I look forward to connecting with you!