Anxiety & Stress

If you are stressed, anxious, always on the move and not sure how to slow down and enjoy life, here’s the good news:

1. You’re not alone, and

2. Meditation works for everyone.

online meditation for moms

When I became a mom, I had been meditating for a decade. I had learned from great masters like Dr. Paul Mueller-Ortega and Sally Kempton. I had a mantra and I was a bit of a meditation snob.

I loved my 20 minutes in the morning – it set me up for a great day, and I really noticed when I didn’t do it.

When I didn’t meditate, it seemed like I’d lose my keys, people would annoy me, and my computer would crash.

When I did, it seemed like everything fell in to place: I was super clear on what to do, and the universe seemed to rise up in support of my desires, and I experienced almost magical connections with people.

Suddenly, I had had a baby and no longer had 20 minutes to myself. I didn’t even feel like I had 5 – and if I did, I wanted to shower.

But now more than ever, I needed help finding my calm, clear center. I was exhausted, depleted, stressed out, easily annoyed, and although I was blissfully in love with my little one, I had lost my way.

I decided to try and pare down meditation into its fundamental elements so I – or any busy mama – could select only the essentials, depending on what I needed from it, and how much time I had that day.

To my surprise, even if I only had five minutes to meditate, I still received many of its benefits:

  • I was excited about life
  • I felt calm and like I could handle things better
  • I started having healthier cravings and making choices that helped me feel good
  • I discovered my life path
  • I felt more balanced and my hormones returned to normal
  • I slept better, had more energy, and felt like myself again!

Want to create a customized practice that supports you in what you want to create?

There are two ways to work with me:

online meditation course

The Ma Meditation and Power Practice Program 
is especially for people who:

  • can’t meditate

  • are too busy to meditate

  • want more meaning, clarity and purpose in their lives

Whether you’ve never meditated before or you have a strong mantra practice, whether you’re a mom, a grandad, or a kid, the Ma Meditation and Power Practice will help you create a uniquely customized daily practice that works for the way your mind works – and fits into your life.

You will learn how to:

  • Breathe to calm your nervous system, increase healing energy and reconnect your belly muscles
  • Use mantras and affirmations to get beyond your limiting thoughts and step into your potential
  • Powerfully create the kind of day you want to have each day
  • Explore your own gifts, life path and next steps through exercises that help you discover your inner GPS

Click here for more info about the Ma Meditation & Power Practice Program


Set up a One-on-One Session with me.

If you’re someone who works better with a human than videos, email me and we’ll set you up with your very own magic-making practice that works with YOUR mind, YOUR life, and YOUR schedule.


My passion for having a daily practice drove me to spend years creating an online platform so people could receive guidance, support and inspiration without ever leaving their homes.

Take advantage of this amazing time we live in, where we can connect with each other virtually for very low cost to find more confidence, clarity, and connection to your own power and wisdom.