Food Issues

Studies show that cutting calories doesn’t work.

Why is there never a Biggest Loser reunion? Because almost everyone who goes through this rigorous weight-loss program gains it back.

Could it be that these amazing people just don’t have enough will power or discipline?

I don’t think so. Science shows that when we simply cut calories daily, our metabolism slows down and we just need less food to gain weight.

The good news: studies show that something else does work.

Finding our ideal weight – whether that means gaining or losing – starts with learning to nurture ourselves. When we unpack this concept, we discover that our body is telling us so much: when it’s hungry and when it’s not; what it wants and what it doesn’t; and even why it gains weight.

Once we start to figure out the what, when, and how of eating, we are ready to take the big final step of weight loss, if that’s what we want.

And this step – believe it or not – is the easiest one. And – it’s free.

As a new mom, I realized I had no idea how to take care of myself

I was used to buying prepared food, and going to yoga classes, and I didn’t have time for either. I couldn’t shake the baby weight, I felt depleted and I was getting sick a lot.

It took diving back into the ancient principles of Ayurveda, as well as trying every diet known to human kind, to finally figure out the Three Essential Steps to finding out ideal weight – and at the same time, having a loving, healthy relationship with food and our bodies.

I would love to share these steps with you!

There are two ways to work with me:

The Ideal Weight/Ideal Lifestyle Lab, or “I WILL”

I WILL is a live, online course offered three times per year for anyone who wants to discover simple ways to:

  • EAT – get healthy food into your body without living in the kitchen
  • SLEEP – rest easier and more soundly
  • GET ENERGIZED – even in the late afternoon
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – stop getting so many colds
  • FIND INSPIRATION – and stop living from problem to problem
  • NURTURE YOURSELF – stop beating yourself and love your body again

    Learn simple routines to help you get to YOUR ideal weight – and learn to love your body along the way.

    These routines are simple and easy to follow, and can help support your busy lifestyle rather than taking away from it.

    And what if every day is different? You’ll be able to adjust and align with whatever’s happening in your life, and still stay on the path of honoring your body’s needs and desires, and moving it toward its highest potential.

    Once we incorporate healthy routines, increased energy and wellness is a natural result.

    Long after the course, you’ll have routines that can feel as normal as brushing your teeth.

    They’re called “anchor practices,” and will help you stay in the flow of nurturing energy even when things get nutty.

    Learn the Three Essential Steps to your ideal weight, as well as true self-care Anchor Practices in four weekly calls and say I WILL!

    Click here for info about the next I WILL course


    One-on-One Skype Vital Wellness Session

    Set up a Skype session with me! We will go through the steps together customized for exactly what your habits are and what you want. You’ll leave with creating a clear, step-by-step path for you to follow – and ways to make sure you’re supported along the way.

    If you have particular digestive or emotional issues around food, it might take more than one session. We’ll dive in together and explore until you have your practices that work like a charm for you.

    Just email me at Jess@MaYogaLiving.com to set it up!


    Whenever I make a discovery after years of struggle, I love to share it. I can’t wait to support you on your path of loving your body, and having a body you love!